Q&A for those booked on the cancelled 2020 Cruise.

We wanted to address some details and information if you are booked on the 2020 cruise that was cancelled. (ONLY PEOPLE THAT WERE BOOKED AND PAID IN FULL ON THE 2020 CRUISE!)

Bottom Line:


New Date: April 12th 2021 4 night same ship

But now we have 2 days at Coco Cay!


Interior is $20 more and you get pre-paid gratuities*.
(A $116.00 value included!)
So cheaper than what you had!
- *Only if you were previously booked!


Balcony is same money and you get pre-paid gratuities.
(A $116.00 value included!)

- *Only if you were previously booked!

People that booked the 2020 and paid in full have the deepest discount.
They must be the original people in the cabin when booked previously.

People that want to book also get a great rate a lot less than online!

For those of you booked:

Remember you paid: $874.58 for an inside.
(Online an inside cabin now with the fun fee and pre-paid gratuities is 
$1351 + $116 gratuities = $1,467.00!)


Remember you paid: $1194.58 for a balcony cabin.
(Online a Balcony cabin is now with the fun fee and pre-paid gratuities is
$1,631.46 + $116 gratuities = $1,747.46!)


What happens now:


1. One the Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is applied you will get a refund to the card you used for the taxes and fee amount. THAT WILL GO BACK TO THE CARD AND ACCOUNT YOU USED AND CAN'T BE CHANGED.

The Amount you should see is $88.29 x 2 = 176.58 (for 2 guests) That gets refunded back to the card that was used.

2. We will assign you a similar cabin (and best location) and apply the FCC to that cabin.


3. We will send you an updated invoice.

Other Information:

Note: If you paid less than the rate at the time, your cost might be more than mentioned above. The above numbers are based on the $874.58 interior and $1194.58 Balcony cabin. Also prices are subject to current rates for any cabins with 3 or more people in them.

Please note this is only for the same people booked in a cabin. We can not change any names on these cabins without a higher cost. How we get these numbers is that everyone is issued an individual Future Cruise Credit, If there is to be a name change the new person must pay half the going rate to sail.

Any purchases you made online, Drink packages, excursions, cabana rentals will be refunded back to the card they were paid with. This will be done directly from Royal Caribbean over the next several weeks.

Other Questions? Visit the Facebook Group Page at this link:




LEGAL: Sailing on this cruise is based on number of rooms booked. For any reason if the amount of bookings does not support the sailing costs, we have the right to cancel the cruise at any time with all money refunded in full. Cruise insurance is not refundable and additional if desired. Talent, while committed to this event can be substituted at any time. We are not responsible for any talent substitution for this cruise. Prices of the cruise include cabin, all included meals, taxes and port charges. Gratuities, parking or transportation to and from the port are extra. Like any cruise, you are responsible for any charges accrued on your set sail account and are bound by the rules and regulations of the cruise line in your booking agreement . Ahoy-Cruises, AMT (Tom & Dan) and any members are not responsible for any additional charges, changes in schedule, port changes and any ship board charges or activities. Only people booking through Ahoy-Cruises in the group will be allowed into any function of this cruise. Booking outside the group will not be tolerated; any guilty party will be ejected from such venue. All refunds, if made, are based on the refund schedule set forth in the cruise agreement with  Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and are not the responsibility of Ahoy-Cruises or AMT (Tom & Dan). All event costs are billed through three (3) companies. 1.Ahoy-Cruises (under Debby Palmiotti) and 2. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and your credit card will reflect the breakdown and 3. Anywhere Inc. (Our cruise affiliate). All participants must adhere to the rules and regulations of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines while on the cruise. Any ejection from the cruise is the sole responsibility of the individual. If there is a problem with your room or booking, please contact Ahoy Cruises at 407-733-2383. The AMT, A Mediocre Time, Tom & Dan and Ahoy-Cruises logos are the property of the respected company. No other use is permitted without written permission.


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